Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a panel discussion on “AVITI KATHALU: Vikalangula Batuku Chitrana”

Department of Cultural Studies, EFL University
Invites you to a panel discussion on
“AVITI KATHALU: Vikalangula Batuku Chitrana”

 (Disability Stories, edited by Vemula Yallaiah and Shankar Sampangi)

“Disability stories” questions the hegemony of dominant fiction and non-fiction writers in Telugu literature. Vemula Yallaiah (Dalit Modern Writer) and Shankar Sampangi have critically examined the frameworks of disability stories and they initiated an open debate. It challenges the mainstream writers in Telugu literature for their constant denial for disability personalities since its inception. The plight of persons with disability is always at stake even in literature. It also deals with the core of discrimination with multiple disabilities. It articulates a constant attempt to bring the persons with disability into mainstream where as they socially and economically excluded. It emphasis the popular civil and human rights movements for constitutional safeguards and the equal distribution of economy.


Chair: Dr. K. Satyanarayana (Dept of Cultural Studies),
          Dr. Uma Bhrugubanda (Dept of Cultural Studies ),
          Manohar N(Research Scholar, Dept of Cultural Studies),
          Vemula Yellaiah (Modern Dalit Writer, Osmania University) 
          Shankar Sampangi (Research Scholar, Dept of Cultural Studies).

 Date:             February 27 (Wednesday)
Time:              3PM-6PM
Venue:           Room# 2, First Floor, New Academic Block, EFL University, Hyderabad


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